Randy Jack

Randy Jack is reffered to by industry insiders as one of the world's most prolific pet product designers and developers. Over the course of his career, he has designed many unique pet products, secured licensing agreements, and taken inventions from the concept stage to the shelves of Walmart®. Randy has appeared on television more than 400 times, including in 30-minute infomercials. He loves pets and has a vision to capitalize on growth in the pet industry.

Randy has surrounded himself with a product placement team who have been deeply involved in the industry for over 50 years, including international and domestic sourcing through marketing and sales including some of the biggest box stores in the world. They have been involved in building startups and have advised over 100 companies as consultants in all areas of the pet industry. Our team of advisors are seasoned pet industry insiders with worldwide experience at every level of the pet industry including, everything from new product launches to advising major PE investment Groups with mergers and acquisitions. We work with14 overseas manufacturers as well as U.S. based manufacturing. This vast outreach of pet industry talent and innovative products will make NuDay Pet Products, LLC a force in the industry for years to come.

Why Work with Randy Jack?

Below are quotes from industry professionals regarding Randy Jack.

As a 50-year pet industry veteran, I’ve had the pleasure of working with and building many new pet companies. New pet products and innovations are the lifeblood of the pet industries growth! In my career, I’ve worked with many creative designers and inventors. Many come and go, but few have that special insight based on the love of pets. Randy Jack is one of those individuals with a rare, unique, gut instinct who can transport his vision into something special, that solves a need. His ideas can be as disruptive as needed, or can turn an ordinary pet product into an extraordinary product! Having worked with Randy I can highly recommend his creativity and his design ability.

Phillip M Cooper
President of North American Sales + Marketing

Randy Jack is a member of the Bow Wow Labs Design Board of Advisors (DBOA). Our mission is to create innovative products that keep dogs healthy and safe and the DBOA’s role is to initiate new ideas individually as well as work as a team to develop concepts into real products. Randy has demonstrated he not only can design products but has the unique ability to identify flaws in other products…whether they be established in the market products or those in the process of being created by our design team. He also demonstrated the skill to then correct or redesign them so they fulfill the objectives we envision for the product. While self-taught, Randy has demonstrated he has great product development instincts that make him a uniquely creative and innovative inventor.

Michael D. London
505 San Marin Drive
Building B - Suite 180
Novato, CA 94947